Congratulations to Yunqiang Hu for his paper Peeling behavior of a film on inner surface of a tube has been published by Extreme Mechanics Letters!
Congratulations to YuejiaLi for her paper Programmable shape memory bismaleimide composite claw with two-way grabbing function has been published by Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturin...
Congratulations to XiaofeiWang for her paper Advances in shape memory polymers: Remote actuation, multi-stimuli control, 4D printing and prospective applications has been published by Materials Scienc...
Congratulations to Cheng Lin for her paper 4D Printing of Overall Radiopaque Customized Bionic Occlusion Devices has been published by Advanced Healthcare Materials !
Congratulations to Yongdie Deng for her paper 4D printed orbital stent for the treatment of enophthalmic invagination has been published by Biomaterials!
Congratulations to Ms. Dou Zhang for her paper Ancient papyrus scroll-inspired self-deployable mechanism based on shape memory polymer composites for Mars explorations has been published by Composite ...
Congratulations to Yongdie Deng for her paper 4D printing of photo-active shape memory polyurethane-based composite for customized minimally invasive light-thermal therapy has been published by ACS Ap...
Congratulations to Cheng Lin for her paper 3D Printed bioinspired stents with photothermal effects for malignant colorectal obstruction has been published by Research!