Aug. 12nd, 2016, Prof. Tao Zhang
Publishing Time:2016-08-12

Topic  of Invited talk

Numerical analysis for  process optimization and new process  design 


Tao  Zhang is Professor of Materials Engineering and Director of Materials Research  Centre at Kingston University. After obtaining a PhD in 1988 from Tsinghua  University in China, he moved to UK to continue his research in materials  science and engineering. He worked in Brunel University, Birmingham University  and London South Bank University before joining Kingston University in 2001. The  research concerned near net shape forming, nanopowder synthesis, surface  engineering and computer modelling. Computer simulations based on heat transfer,  fluid mechanics and thermodynamics were used for the prediction of defects,  mould flow, thermal stress analysis, thermal spray equipment design and process  control, nano powder synthesis and processing optimization. Over the last 25  years, he has published over 100 papers in journal and conference proceedings.  His research has been supported by EPSRC, EC FP6 and FP7, Carbon Trust and  RAEng. Current on-going research is focused on nanomaterials for industry and  energy applications and developing new processes to produce nano materials and  coatings.