Smart material is defined as the material that can sense and react to environmental conditions or external stimuli (e.g. mechanical, chemical, electrical, and magnetic signal). In the past decade, a wide range of novel smart materials have been developed for aerospace,  infrastructures, transportation, energy, telecommunication, etc.

The Center for Smart Materials and Structure (CSMS) is a multidisciplinary research center composed of researchers from Centre for Composite Materials and Structures, Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, and the School of Materials Science. Its primary mission is to foster independent researches on advanced smart materials and structures. The center currently has 11 professors, 9 associate professors, 8 assistant professors,  4 Postdoc, more than 80 Ph.D. and Master students.

CSMS is dedicated to excellence in the following research areas : Smart Materials and Structures, Sensors and Actuators, Shape Memory Polymers, Electroactive Polymers, Fiber Optic Sensors and Interrogation Systems, Structural Health Monitoring, Active Vibration Control, Multifunctional Nanocomposites, Electrospinning Nanofibers, Auxetic Composites, Multistable Structures, Deployable Structures, Fibre Optic based Photonics Device, and Microwave Photonics.

Director of CSMS
Prof. Jinsong Leng

Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Foreign Member of Academia Europaea,

Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts( EASA),

World Fellow of ICCM,


Editor-in-Chief: International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials 


Director of Center for Smart Materials and Structures

Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, PR China



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Ms. Rui Dai (Secretary )

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