The Center for Smart Materials and Structures (CSMS) of Harbin Institute of Technology is looking for excellent scientists whose research area covers Smart Materials and Structures, Sensors and Actuators, Structural Health Monitoring, Soft Materials, Shape Memory Polymers, Electroactive Polymers, Piezoelectric Composites, Magnetorheological Fluid (MRF), Magnetostrictive Materials, Multifunctional Nanocomposites (CNT/CNF/Graphene), Fibre Optic Sensors, Space Structures, Aircraft Design, Morphing aircraft, Active Vibration Control, etc..

Candidates with previous experience in relevant fields, such as Mechanics, Material Science, Physics, Optics and Chemistry, are encouraged to apply the Faculty and Postdoctoral Position. We are also looking for Master and Ph.D. students with relevant background. Please send your CV to the following email.

Prof. Jinsong Leng

PO Box 3011, No.2 YiKuang Street

Center for Composite Materials and Structures

HIT Science Park, Harbin 150080,PR China.

Tel/Fax: 0086451-86402328(O)