Congratulations to Ms. Tianzhen Liu for her paper 4D printed anisotropic structures with tailored mechanical behaviors and shape memory effects has been published by Composites Science and Technology....
Congratulations to Mr. Wei Zhao for his paper Personalized 4D printing of bioinspired tracheal scaffold concept based on magnetic stimulated shape memory composites has been published by Composites Sc...
Congratulations to Ms. Dou Zhang for her paper Ultra-light release device integrated with screen-printed heaters for CubeSat’s deployable solar arrays has been published by Composite Structures.
Congratulations to Ms. Cheng Lin for her paper 4D-Printed Biodegradable and Remotely Controllable Shape Memory Occlusion Devices has been published by Advanced Functional Materials.
Congratulations to Ms. Fengfeng Li for her paper Progress of shape memory polymers and their composites in aerospace applications has been published by Smart Materials and Structures.
Congratulations to Ms. Xue Wan for her paper CNT-based electro-responsive shape memory functionalized 3D printed nanocomposites for liquid sensors has been published by Carbon.
Congratulations to Ms. Fenghua Zhang for her paper Magnetic programming of 4D printed shape memory composite structures has been published by Composites Part A.
Congratulations to Ms. Xue Wan for her paper 3D printing of shape memory poly (D,L-lactide-co-trimethylene carbonate) by direct ink writing for shape-changing structures has been published by Journal ...