Jan. 4th, 2017, Dr. Lihua TANG
Publishing Time:2017-01-05

Topic  of Invited talk

Energy Harvesting: An Overview and Recent Advances


Energy harvesting is one of the most enabling technologies for the development of internet of things (IoT) sensors and have attracted tremendous research interests in the past decade. This talk will provide a brief overview of recent structural designs for vibration-based energy harvesting and galloping-based small-scale wind energy harvesting. It will also cover the generic equivalent circuit modeling methods for energy harvesters in various complex scenarios where analytical, finite element or other methods are cumbersome or impossible (e.g., multimodal structures, nonlinear magnetic force, nonlinear aerodynamic force, electret, etc). Besides, recent research interests and activities in the research group will be also presented, including meta-structure based simultaneous vibration energy harvesting and vibration suppression, internal resonance based energy harvesting, energy harvesting with nonlinear energy sink, etc. I will wrap up the talk with a glance at University of Auckland.