Jul. 17th, 2011, Prof. Jihua Gou
Publishing Time:2011-07-17


Prof.  Jihua Gou from the Department of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace  Engineering at University of Central Florida, gave talk on the Center  for Smart Materials and Structures (CSMS).
Prof. Jihua Gou got his PH.D degree at  Shanghai Jiao Tong University (1999) and Florida State University  (2002). Now he is the Director of Composite Materials & Structures  Laboratory (CMSL) in the Department of Mechanical, Materials &  Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Florida.
The general focus area of Prof. Jihua  Gou include Composite materials and structures; Nanocomposite materials;  Composite materials manufacturing; Computational mechanics of materials  processing; Solid mechanics; Design and manufacturing.
Topic of Invited talk
1. High Temperature Polymer Nanocomposites;
2. Carbon Nanotube based Ceramic Nanocomposites;
3. Vibrational Damping and High Velocity Impact Performance of Polymer Nanocomposites;
4. Process Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Composites Manufacturing.