Aug. 18th, 2011, Prof. Michael Wisnom
Publishing Time:2011-08-18

Prof.  Michael Wisnom, from Aerospace Engineering Department of Bristol  University, gave a talk on the Center for Smart Materials and Structures  (CSMS).
Prof.  Michael Wisnom is Director of the Advanced Composites Centre for  Innovation and Science. He is a leading expert on the mechanics of fibre  reinforced composites, failure mechanisms and finite element analysis,  with over 250 published papers. He is Director of the Rolls-Royce  Composites University Technology Centre. He is Editor in Chief and  European Editor for Applied Science and Manufacturing of the  international journal Composites Part A, a Fellow of the Institution of  Mechanical Engineers and of the American Society for Composites and a  holder of a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award. Professor Wisnom  is also President of the International Committee on Composite  Materials.
The general focus area of Prof. Michael Wisnom are Failure mechanisms in composites, Finite element analysis.