Jun. 8th, 2012, Prof. Hornsen Tzou
Publishing Time:2012-06-08

Prof.  Hornsen Tzou from Zhejiang University visited the Center for Smart  Materials and Structures (CSMS), and gave a talk about ”Multi-field  Structronic Systems Applied to Distributed Control and Energy  Generation”. He earned his MS/PHD (1979/1983) at the School of  Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University. Professor Tzou was one of the  pioneers in smart structures and structronic systems started in early  80s. He directed the Structronics and Design Lab at University of  Kentucky. Also, being the 1st-round Chinese National Scholar, he is  developing a new research laboratory at Zhejiang University. He is an  ASME Fellow and a founding member of the ASME Adaptive Structures and  Material Systems Committee. Prof. Tzou was the General Chair of the 2007  ASME International Design Technical Conferences and Computers &  Information in Engineering Conference which was the largest in ASME  design history. He currently serves as Deputy of the ASME Board on  Technical Knowledge Dissemination (BTKD) and Chair of BTKDs  Interdisciplinary Councils. He has authored and co authored several  research monographs and over 410 technical publications. He was named  One of the Most Cited Authors, by the Journal of Sound of Vibration in  November 2006.
His  research and teaching interests include Design with Smart materials,  Distributed Control of Shell/Plate Structures, Multi-field Hybrid  Photo-magneto-piezoelectric- thermoelastic/Control System Integration,  Precision Micro-/Nano-Actuation, Smart Structures and Structronic  System.
Topic of Invited talk
Multi-field Structronic Systems Applied to Distributed Control and Energy Generation