Jun. 23rd, 2016, Dr. Ziqi Sun
Publishing Time:2016-06-23

Topic of Invited talk

Bio-Inspiration-A New Path to Reach Multifunctional Nanomaterials


Dr  Ziqi Sun is a Senior Lecturer at School of Chemistry, Queensland  University of Technology. He obtain his Ph.D degree in 2009 from Chinese  Academy of Sciences. After that, he moved to National Institute for  Materials Science in Japan, and working as a Postdoctoral Fellow from  2009 to 2010. His research is mainly about the Bio-Inspiration Materials.

Dr  Geng is the author of over 100 science publications mainly as full,  refereed original research papers published at international quality  chemistry and materials science journals. He has made a number of  scientific discoveries and inventions, including 12 patents filed up at  UK national, European and the international level, in the field of metal  nanocatalysts and nanostructured carbon materials. Several of his  inventions have been adopted by UK industry and successfully  commercialised into market products since 2004.