May. 28th, 2015, Prof. Tribikram Kundu
Publishing Time:2015-03-28

Topic of Invited talk

1. Recent developments on Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic NDE-modeling and Experimental Investigations

2. SHM-Advanced Diagnosis Techniques using Ultrasonic Guided Waves Nonlinear Acoustics & THz Radiation


Professor  Kundu received his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur in 1979, MS and PhD from  UCLA in 1980 and 1983, respectively. He joined the University of Arizona  in 1983 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Full Professor in  1994. Main focus of his research is nondestructive evaluation and  structural health monitoring applied to engineering and biological  materials. He has supervised 30 Ph.D. students, 20 MS students and  published 270 technical papers with 130 journal publications. His  citation index, h-index and g-index are over 1350, 20 and 30,  respectively.  He  has also published 2 text books, edited 5 research monographs and 17  conference proceedings. He is a fellow of ASME, ASCE and SPIE. For his  research he received the Humboldt Research Prize (the Senior Scientist  Award) from Germany in 2003 and Humboldt Fellowship in 1989 and 1996. In  2012 he was awarded the NDE Life Time Achievement Award from SPIE  (Society of Optical Engineering) and in 2008 he received the Structural  Health Monitoring Person of the Year award.He  also received a number of Best Paper awards, plenary and keynote talk  invitations and Invited professorship from foreign universities.