Mar. 8th, 2016, Prof. Junfeng Geng
Publishing Time:2016-03-08

Topic of Invited talk

Metal Nanoparticles, Carbon Nanomaterials & Functional Polymers for Chemical, Renewable Energy and Electronic Applications


Dr Junfeng Geng is a Reader in Materials Chemistry. He was initially educated as a chemist with his first and second degree (B.Sc., 1983; M.Sc., 1986) received from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China. He started his academic career at Beijing Institute of Technology, with his first appointment as a University Assistant Lecturer (1986), and then a University Lecturer (1988) and later became an Associate Professor (1994). He did his PhD study in chemistry at the University of Cambridge and earned his PhD degree there in 1998. After graduation he went back to China and took his previously held Associate Professorship position at Beijing Institute of Technology. He rejoined the University of Cambridge in 1999 as a postdoctoral Research Associate working with Professor Brian Johnson FRS, and was later promoted by the University to a Senior Research Associate position in 2005. He left Cambridge University in 2010 when he joined the University of Bolton with the readership appointment.


Dr Geng is the author of over 100 science publications mainly as full, refereed original research papers published at international quality chemistry and materials science journals. He has made a number of scientific discoveries and inventions, including 12 patents filed up at UK national, European and the international level, in the field of metal nanocatalysts and nanostructured carbon materials. Several of his inventions have been adopted by UK industry and successfully commercialised into market products since 2004.