Congratulations to Mr. Zhaokun Ren for his paper Manufacture and investigation on the shape memory polymer composite subsidy pipe has been published by Composite Structures.
Congratulations to Ms. Lan Luo for her paper Multi-performance shape memory epoxy resins and their composites with narrow transition temperature range has been published by Composites Science and Tec...
Congratulations to Mr. Hetao Chu for his paper Unipolar stroke, electroosmotic pump carbon nanotube yarn muscles has been published by Science.
Congratulations to Mr. Wenbing Li for his paper Harnessing Wrinkling Patterns Using Shape Memory Polymer Microparticles has been published by Applied Materials & Interfaces.
Congratulations to Ms. Cheng Lin for her paper Recent developments in next-generation occlusion devices has been published by Acta Biomaterialia.
Congratulations to Ms.Lilin Wang for her paper Photosensitive Composite Inks for Digital Light Processing Four-Dimensional Printing of Shape Memory Capture Devices has been published by ACS Applied Ma...
Congratulations to Ms.Lu Wang for her paper Shape Memory Polymer Fibers: Materials, Structures, and Applications has been published by Advanced Fiber Materials.
Congratulations to Mr. Xiaozhou Xin for his paper Prediction of effective thermomechanical behavior of shape memory polymer composite with micro-damage interface has been published by Composites Commu...