Congratulations to Mr. Yaguang Guo for his paper Bioinspired multimodal soft robot driven by a single dielectric elastomer actuator and two flexible electroadhesive feet has been published by Extreme ...
Congratulations to Ms. Dou Zhang for her paper Synchronous deployed design concept triggered by carbon fibre reinforced shape memory polymer composites has been published by Composite Structures.
Congratulations to Mr. Shuai Yang for his paper Efficient voltage actuators based on rapid heat and electric dual-response poly(aryl ether ketone) shape memory composites reinforced with radially alig...
Congratulations to Mr. Qinyu Li for his paper Programmable and reconfigurable hygro-thermo morphing materials with multifunctional shape transformation has been published by Applied materials today!
Congratulations to Ms. XueWan for her paper 4D Printing of Multiple Shape Memory Polymer and Nanocomposites with Biocompatible, Programmable and Selectively Actuated Properties has been published by A...
Congratulations to Mr. Shuai Yang for his paper Non-contact magnetic actuated shape-programmable poly(aryl ether ketone)s and their structural variation during the deformation process has been publish...
Congratulations to Ms. Linlin Wang for her paper Thermal, mechanical and shape fixity behaviors of shape memory cyanate under γ-ray radiation has been published by Smart Materials and Structures!
Congratulations to Mr. Jianglong Guo for his paper Enhancing humans and machines with ubiquitous electroadhesives has been published by Matter!