Congratulations to Ms. Fenghua Zhang for her paper Electrothermal shape memory behavior and recovery force of four-dimensional printed continuous carbon fiber/polylactic acid composite has been publis...
Congratulations to Mr. Qinghua Guan for his paper Characterization and nonlinear models of bending extensile/contractile pneumatic artificial muscles has been published by Smart Materials and Structur...
Congratulations to Ms. Cheng Lin for her paper 4D Printing of Bioinspired Absorbable Left Atrial Appendage has been published by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Congratulations to Mr. Chengjun Zeng for his paper Compression behavior and energy absorption of 3D printed continuous fiber reinforced composite honeycomb structures with shape memory effects has bee...
Congratulations to Mr. Yaguang Guo for his paper Antagonistic cone dielectric elastomer actuator Analysis, experiment and application has been published by Extreme Mechanics Letters
Congratulations to Mr. Zeng, Chengjun for his paper 4D printed electro-induced continuous carbon fiber reinforced shape memory polymer composites with excellent bending resistance has been published b...
Congratulations to Mr. Wei Zhao for his paper Porous bone tissue scaffold concept based on shape memory PLA/Fe3O4 has been published by Composites Science and Technology
Congratulations to Mr. Yuliang Xia for his paper A Review of Shape Memory Polymers and Composites: Mechanisms, Materials, and Applications has been published by Advanced Materials