Active Vibration Control
Publishing Time:2023-08-10

Active Vibration Control

Active vibration control technology not only monitors the structure's real-time vibration but also has more remarkable control effect and superior suitability. Especially, with the coming of piezoelectric composite materials, the advanced active control technique has more applicability, larger damp amplitude and wider applied field. Comparing with the conventional piezoelectric ceramic materials, Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) provides the required durability, excellent flexibility, higher electromechanical coupling factors and stronger longitudinal actuating force by using inter-digital electrodes.

(a) A negative velocity feedback controller is designed to actively control the amplitude of the vibration of the smart structure equipped with rectangular MFC actuators and sensors in a closed control loop.

(b) A real-time active vibration control system is used to monitor the dynamic performances of the structure by applying proper control input voltages. MFC active vibration control system can effectively reduce the vibration of the structure. It can be used in flexible space structures, vertical fin structures, ship structures and so on.

Fig.  1 The finite element analysis model of vertical fin and the active vibration control test