Dr. Wei Zhao
Publishing Time:2022-01-25


Dr. Wei Zhao obtained his PhD degree in the field of Mechanics from Harbin Institute of Technology. He served as an Assistant Professor in Harbin Institute of Technology and is a member of the Center for Smart Materials and Structure after graduation in 2021.

Research Fields

Shape Memory Polymer, 4D Printing, Metamaterials, Friction Nanogenerator, Mechanics of Materials, Bionic Design, Origami and Kirigami.


Dr. Wei Zhao

Department of Astronautical Science and Mechanics

Harbin Institute of Technology

PO Box 351, No. 92 West Dazhi Street, Harbin 150001, PR China.

Email: zhaowei_2022@163.com, zhaowei123@hit.edu.cn

Tel.: 18003601560