Prof. Haibao Lv
Publishing Time:2017-01-01

Prof. Haibao Lv


In  2009, Dr. Lu received his Bachelor and Master Degree of Materials  Science from the Harbin Institute of Technology in 2004 and 2006,  respectively. Afterward, he then received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2010, and his project was mainly  focused on the electroactive and solvent responsive shape-memory  polymer blends and their constitutive equation. Within this period, he  worked as a visiting scholar at the University of Central Florida,  Orlando, U.S, and his project was focused on the fabrication of  carbon-based nanopaper and enabled shape-memory polymer composites.  Thereafter, Dr. Lu joined the National Key Laboratory of Science and  Technology on Advanced Composites in Special Environments, Harbin  Institute of Technology as a lecturer. In 2012, He won the China Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Awards, and achieved an accelerated promotion to professor.

Research Fields 

Electroactive, Solvent Responsive Shape-memory Polymer Blends and Their Constitutive Equation;

The Fabrication of Carbon-based Nanopaper; Shape-memory Polymer Composites.


Prof. Haibao Lv

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