Jun. 25th, 2014, Prof. Darren Hartl
Publishing Time:2014-06-25

Topic of Invited talk

1. Design and Optimization of Stiff SMA Structural Members Deployed Via Folding Operation;

2. Folding Patterns and Shape Optimization Using SMA-based Self-Folding Laminates;

3. Methods for Analysis and Optimization of SMA-Based Structures Across Scales.


Darren  Hartl is a TEES Research Assistant Professor in the Department of  Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University and is Director of  Operations for the Texas Institute for Intelligent Materials and  Structures (TiiMS). He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M in 2009 and  has over 12 years of experience working with Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs)  and morphing structures. His efforts have included both experimental  and theoretical studies and he has worked collaboratively with both  governmental and industrial sponsors considering medical, oil  exploration, aeronautical, and space-related applications. Darren has  co-authored three textbook chapters, 13 refereed journal publications,  and 49 conference proceedings papers on these topics, having won  numerous best paper prizes for his work on the analysis of SMA  components and structures. In his most recent appointment as Assistant  Director of the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Institute, he also serves the  worlds major airframe and propulsion companies in collaboration with  NASA, FAA, and DoD to develop joint research and development programs  benefitting from a common industry voice.